By examining the practice of graffiti artists throughout derelict, abandoned and restricted urban architecture, I am reflecting on the performative, spatializing process through which writers transform marginalised dead space into a unique stage and the resulting traces that are retained through these interstitial interventions. I use photography to document specific moments through these spaces and then utilise the images captured as a starting point from which to work.

The work evolves through investigating the process of stencilling; bearing in mind the dialogue and constant contradictions between Street Art, Graffiti and Fine Art and considering painting as a starting point while drawing on influences originating in American hip hop, Asian calligraphy, semiotics and mark

making. Working through a process of research, sketching and assembly, developing 2-D images and cultivating them into sculptural format whilst striving to maintain a figurative integrity.


By at times removing the stencil from the process of image transfer, it can in its own right be appreciated for the physicality and the distinct formal quality that is often overlooked as merely an agent of control, suitable for restraining and directing a more important medium.


 Gregor Henderson